18-Year-Old Twin Sisters Charged with Reckless Murder–Killing Their OWN Children!!!

Akeevia and Tekeevia Abner


In Atmore, Alabama 18-year-old, twin sisters Akeevia and Tekeevia Abner have been arrested and charged with three counts of reckless murder, for a house fire that took the life of three children, this past Monday night. Both women appeared in front of the judge on Tuesday, where a Bond of $300,000 was set, for each of them.
Sources say, authorities are blaming the young mothers for starting the fire and for the death of the children…

Yet again, another nerve-wrecking story that includes the innocence of children, who have no say and who is now unable to even speak out on their own behalf. Pardon my approach, but I am so sick of these mindless SHITBIRD young mothers who think its okay to conceive, but when responsibility raises its head, they resort to taking the easy way out, taking the life of the innocent…SMFH!

Although everyone is innocent till proven guilty, I’m not surprised if these little B!tc#es didn’t do it, and if they did, a bond is the last thing that should be administered. They deserve the same punishment they bestowed!!!
Stay tuned for updates!
Crys 😉
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