8-Year-Old Boy Who Was Raped & Burned Alive Names His 27-Year-Old Attacker.. 13 Years Later!!!! {VIDEO}

8-Year-Old Boy Who Was Raped & Burned Alive Names His 27-Year-Old Attacker.. 13 Years Later!!!! {VIDEO}

“On his eighth birthday he was tied to a tree, doused in petrol and set on fire. The inferno left Robbie Middleton with third-degree burns to 99 per cent of his body. No-one expected him to survive. But in a story of staggering courage, Robbie lived. He endured 200 operations and endless therapy to repair the burns. Tragically, he was to die just weeks short of his 21st birthday from a cancer which doctors blamed on the original injuries. After years of such terrible suffering, Robbie’s premature death was to have one positive outcome In a harrowing 17-minute video made just before he died, he named the man he believed had torched him in Splendora, Texas, in 1998. And he also claimed that he had been raped by the same person, a 13-year-old neighbour called Don Collins, two weeks before being set alight. The terrible act was, Robbie alleged, a way of ensuring his silence. His accusations have opened the way for Collins, now a 27-year-old convicted sex offender, to be charged with felony murder. The charge is only made for a criminal offence which has happened in conjunction with another crime” – dailymail

There are no words nor actions that can suffice for what that young man and his family had to go through!!! That coward piece of shit doesn’t even deserve to be thrown in jail; no, that’s too easy. He deserves to be tied to a tree with, a sign attached to his ass (literally) that says “COME HAVE SOME FUN,” and let any and all sexual predators go to town on his ass…literally!

Being a homosexual is one thing but, never against a mans will should it be!!!



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