Americas Got Talent FRAUD Family Receives Death Threats!!!

This has every negative ingredient in it! Why do these talent search contestants insist on lying about their way of living or their background??? Hasn’t anyone noticed that the truth always gets leaked out…SOMEHOW!!!

I’m sure the views and takes on this one are all different across the world but, apart of me feels sorry for the other family members, those who had nothing to do with the lie. But, as for Poe himself, he deserves whatever’s coming to him. Although, I do not condone nor wish any volatile act upon him but, there are some things in life that you just don’t fabricate.

The family of the stuttering veteran Timothy Poe who sang on “America’s Got Talent” tell TMZ they have been receiving death threats since our stories revealed Poe is a fraud.

As we reported, Poe gave producers of “AGT” a photo which he claimed showed him in Afghanistan, but in reality the pic is of someone else. And Poe could produce no documentation to prove he suffered a debilitating brain injury in the war — as he claimed on the show.

Poe’s family tells us … several family members have been getting death threats. We’re told Poe’s sister-in-law went to the store Thursday with her kids and someone came up to them and said, “We’re going to kill you and the whole family.”

Several family members have received phone calls. We’re told Poe’s fiancee answered the phone (after Poe’s number was leaked on social media) and the caller said, “You made American vets look bad and now you’re going to suffer.”

And we’re told another vet called to warn that he and others would be coming to Poe’s house, so “watch out.”

As for Poe himself, a family member says she fears he’s suicidal. He hasn’t left the house since the scandal broke, and he’s been crying incessantly. One family member says Poe is suffering from Post Tramautic Stress Syndrome.

But … we’re told no one has called the cops about the threats.



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