Bobbi Kristina Snags A Role On ‘For Better Or Worse’, Finds A Mentor In Tyler Perry!!!

Bobby Kristina wants to continue her mom’s legacy and what better place to start than a new acting gig?

Over the weekend, it was announced that Bobbi Kristina had snagged a recurring role on Tyler Perry’s ‘For Better Or Worse’ Season 2 which will premiere this summer. Now more details have emerged, suggesting that Whitney’s mother Cissy Houston was instrumental in getting Bobbi Kris on the show. She had a long talk with Tyler Perry about Bobbi Kris and he assured her that he would not only be a professional mentor but also a personal mentor in her life so that she can continue to be surrounded by good role models. Cissy’s main concern was her granddaughter’s’ reported drug and alcohol use, however, acting gigs should keep her occupied for the time being. Since she is said to have a good singing voice, a musical feature in the future is also likely.

Weeks ago, when Bobbi Kris interviewed with Oprah. she made it very clear that she’s prepared for the pressures of continuing Whitney’s legacy:

I have to carry on the legacy. We’re gonna do the singing thing. Some acting, some dancing. It’s a lot of pressure, but she prepared me for it.

The interview was ratings gold for Oprah’s OWN Network, pulling in 3.5 million viewers. She’s expected to be a ratings hit for Tyler Perry’s new sitcom as well.

Hmm, wonder how this will play out, considering Bobbi made it clear that “NO ONE can tell her what to do!”

What do you guys think, will Tyler Perry get through to BK?



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