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Fitness Myths You Probably Believe

Fitness Myths You Probably BelieveUpside down rain drops! That’s what I refer to people who only workout their upper body and not their legs.

You look ridiculous! Back as wide as a dinner table and legs looking like the number eleven.

Do some squats!

You want the total body? You have to work your entire body! Run a mile! It’s not gonna hurt, chicken legs!

Either way, check out ‘Fitness Myths You Probably Believe.‘ Another BuzzFeed production, hitting you with fun facts you probably didn’t know.

UFC Fight Night on FOX Sports 1

UFC Fight Night on FOX Sports 1

HUGO Vs LINO Animation Short Film

This video has very good animation, it’s funny, and the overall theme is original. They did nice work on this one. Good, Good!

Extreme Fitness Clip Of The Week- Couple Go In On Body Resistance Workout!

No pain no gain…hard work pays off!

The Strongest Man You’ve Never Heard Of: CT Fletcher

This dude is an animal!

BEAST: 17-Year-Old Girl Does Crazy Workout In The Gym that A lot Of Guys Can’t Do!!! {VIDEO}

This is beyond dope!

Check out footage of, 17-yr-old girl expressing her athletic abilities. All I have to say is, this girl is seriously talented! She puts a lot of men and women to shame.

I need to get my ass in shape!