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Fitness Myths You Probably Believe

Fitness Myths You Probably BelieveUpside down rain drops! That’s what I refer to people who only workout their upper body and not their legs.

You look ridiculous! Back as wide as a dinner table and legs looking like the number eleven.

Do some squats!

You want the total body? You have to work your entire body! Run a mile! It’s not gonna hurt, chicken legs!

Either way, check out ‘Fitness Myths You Probably Believe.‘ Another BuzzFeed production, hitting you with fun facts you probably didn’t know.

BEAST: 17-Year-Old Girl Does Crazy Workout In The Gym that A lot Of Guys Can’t Do!!! {VIDEO}

This is beyond dope!

Check out footage of, 17-yr-old girl expressing her athletic abilities. All I have to say is, this girl is seriously talented! She puts a lot of men and women to shame.

I need to get my ass in shape!