FORMER WCW Multi-Time Champ “Buff Bagwell” Suffers Broken Neck In Car Accident Which May Have Been Caused By Medication!!!

Buff Bagwell’s accident, which happened on Monday, may have been caused by a sudden change in his medication. This according to his wife. Buff Bagwell’s near fatal accident caused severe injuries to the former WCW multi time champion. In reports published by, Buff’s wife called emergency 911 after Bagwell called her and informed her that he was about to have a seizure. The wife informed 911 operators that the star had been cutting back on medications and he is on an antibiotic.
Marc “Buff” Bagwell started his wrestling career in 1991, and was an active member of the independent wrestling scene when the crash happened on Monday.

She adds, Buff “has had a seizure before from the same thing.”

Another 911 caller, an eyewitness who ran to Bagwell’s aid after the accident, claims the 42-year-old was barely conscious with “a lot of blood on his face.”

The caller claims no other car was involved in the accident. Buff is currently in intensive care at a nearby hospital.



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