Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Spotted In NYC!!! {PHOTOS}

Barely divorced, embarking on a failure to success of wanting to become Mayor but, still in heavy ROTATION (if you know what I mean), Kim Kardashian was spotted with her “supposedly” new lover, music genius Kanye West yesterday for a stroll on the streets of NYC.

According to TMZ, Air Yeezy also met Kim’s family for the first time and he got the Jenner stamp of approval. Guess we’ll be seeing this play out on an up-coming episode of Kim and Khloe’s “reality” show.

Approval, my ass!!! Not one second did they consider anything about Ye’s personality, he was strictly evaluated based on the size of his wallet. REAL TALK!

Kim even took it to her Instagram page, posting pics of both her and Yeezy in matching sneakers…

What’s next, the two of them collaborating…on a track?



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