Kobe Bryant Takes the BIGGEST “L” Ever to {Wife} Vanessa Bryant!!!

Kobe Bryant Takes the BIGGEST \"L\" Ever to {Wife} Vanessa Bryant!!!
“I ain’t saying she a gold digger, but she ain’t F-ing with no broke Ni**a!”

Wanna know how to beat NBA super star Kobe Bryant at his own game, well just ask his soon-to-be wife Vanessa Bryant…

Sources close to former couple tells TMZ that, Vanessa just cleaned up shop in their ongoing property settlement battle. Walking away with approximately half of their estates of $150 MILLION; Vanessa gets to continue living her lavish life in aLL THREE of their mansions! Yup, you heard correct, she gets to walk away with the estate both her and Kobe once resided in, the estate where her mom resides, and the newly renovated estate that Kobe was supposed to be moving into.


She pretty much showed Bryant who the clutch shooter is; fade-away jump shot, right in your face Kobe!!! Boo-yaa!!!

Although, I must be honest, I don’t think this ones over, not by a long shot, I think she may take Kobe for all he got…

Stay tuned for updates!
Crys 😉



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