Minnesota Viking Adrian Peterson INSISTS He’s 200% INNOCENT!!!

NFL star Adrian Peterson insists … he did NOT resist arrest last week outside a Houston nightclub after allegedly shoving an off-duty police officer — claiming, “I’m 200% innocent.”

The Minnesota Vikings running back just spoke inside a Houston courthouse, telling reporters, “I didn’t push, shove, touch anything or anyone, especially an officer.”

He added, “I definitely don’t have a problem with the Houston PD. This involves two individual officers that I have an issue with. Once everything is settled, the truth will come out.”

Peterson was at court this morning for his arraignment on the resisting arrest charge — but the arraignment was postponed to August.

On his way out, Peterson was asked if the incident was a run-of-the-mill drinking situation that got out of hand — and Peterson responded, “Yeah, pretty much.”

As for the off-duty officers involved in the arrest — Peterson’s lawyer says they were all in uniform at the time.

I’m sorry but, this entire situation humors me!

Peterson, if you were as wasted as described, exactly how sure are you that you didn’t display an unruly behavior? As adults we sometimes may have a drink or two too much but, it is a FACT that if you are not a person to comsume alcohol reguarly that, there is a possibility that your behavior will be affected.

But, like I said this is too funny… AP just needs to admit that he was seriously WASTED… AND that, he has no recollection of what may have taken place.



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