Pro Wrestling Legend of The Week: The Greatest Women’s Wrestler of all time Leilani Kai!

Pro Wrestling Legend of The Week: The Greatest Women’s Wrestler of all time Leilani Kai
By Christopher Annino

Leilani Kai is one of the most underrated wrestlers in the history of the sport. She is the greatest women’s wrestler ever and one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. She paid her dues, loved the business even when the business didn’t love her back. She was successful anywhere she went and is highly respected in every single continent! Her abilities have no limits; she can perform high flying technical moves, as well as grapple with the best of them. She was taught at Fabulous Moolah’s wrestling school for girls, but also credits the Japanese in her continued education about the sport. Leilani made wrestling look effortless when she competed in singles matches. For the majority of her tag team career, she was teamed up with another super wrestler, Judy Martin. The two of them were a one-two knockout punch that dominated the women’s tag category for years. The both of them won the WWE Women’s tag tittle from Velvet McIntyre and Desiree Peterson. Leilani and Judy would later call themselves “The Glamour Girls.”

Leilani also wrestled in the very first ever Wrestle Mania, versus Wendi Richter to defend her title which she had unfortunately lost that night. The respect for Leilani is mutual from both sexes; and if asked, they have nothing but good to say about this individual, not just as a wrestler but also as a person. “Leilani Kai has a big heart and she is the greatest wrestler that has ever stepped in that ring,” said Princess Victoria, former WWE and NWA Women’s Tag Team Champion.

During the duration of her career she was also managed by such legends as Managers Jimmy Hart, Adnan El Kassey, and The Fabulous Moolah. She still works as a pro wrestler as well as a trainer for girls who want to get into the business. “Before my first main event ever in Clinton, Ct with Showcase Pro Wrestling, Leilani helped me with some ring psychology. It was nice that a legend like her took the time to help a new wrestler such as myself. She loves the sport and she wants to pass down her knowledge for those who are willing to learn,” said pro wrestler/ fire fighter Rescue Nineleven (9-11).

Leilani Kai can currently be found working with WOW (Women of Wrestling); check out their site and like the page if you would like to see more of what she and other wrestlers of her stature are doing. They have a lot of new talented girls that keep up with the tradition of keeping it a sport. Please like their page so you can see more possible updates and who knows maybe one day you might see Leilani go against their champion.

Q: What is best Advice you have ever received?
LK: “This is not a vacation, it’s a job. So save your money. Penny Banner told me that.’

Q: How did you get trained?
LK: “By being in the ring with the best. I started learning at The Fabulous Moolahs and then I learned by being in the ring with the best. There were some great girls there that I learned a lot from. Susan Green, Judy Martin, Joyce Grable and Ann Casey all taught me so much.”

Q: Who got you interested in the sport?
LK: “My brother Shawn.”

Q: Who gave you your first start?
LK: “The Fabulous Moolah and Vince McMahon”

Q: What are you currently working on?
LK: “I’m currently working in the office of ‘WOW’ wrestling. They are an amazing group. They have some of the most athletic girl’s that I’ve ever seen in all my years in the business. The head trainer is Selina Majors and she is doing a great job with the girl’s. You will all be blown away by WOW. The first live event is Jan. 19th in Las Vegas. Our website is We also have a Facebook page, WOW women of wrestling. I would like to ask all fans’ out there to “like” it, so they may keep up with all the action of WOW



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