Susan Green Pro Wrestling Legend of the Week…


Susan Green Pro Wrestling Legend of the Week
(The Night the Fabulous Moolah lost her Championship)
By Christopher Annino

Passion, athlete, teacher, and friend best sum up what type of person Susan Green is. She is underrated and has not been given the notoriety she deserves as a trainer and as a wrestler. At 6ft tall, Susan was a hard hitting cowgirl nicknamed Tex that dominated her sport both inside and outside of the ring. “She was a great friend to me and we always had amazing matches. Her and I started as a tag team” said wrestling legend Vivian St. John.

Susan began her career like most pro wrestlers and that was as an audience member. Her father took her to her first match at the age of five years old “after the matches they had announced that there was going to be women’s wrestling the next week so it caught my interest, being a young female athlete. The match was Marie DeLeon vs. Evelyn Stevens at the Dallas Sportatorium. After seeing that match, I was instantly hooked” explained Sue. Some of Sue’s favorite athletes growing up were Betty Niccoli who was a pro wrestler influential for lifting the women’s pro wrestling ban in New York, and tennis sensation Billie Jean King. “Not only for her athleticism but I admired her for her bravery and not caring what the press thought of her.”

When she was old enough she decided to have Joe Blanchard train her to become a pro wrestler. She had her first match on August 13, 1969 at the age of 15 years old, at the legendary Dallas Sportatorium. Since Sue was born and raised in Texas, it was only natural for to her choose a cowgirl gimmick for her wrestling persona. It is very true to who she really is as a person! She is tough as a nail and has great passion and respect for what she does for her sport. Susan was a natural which showed in her great technical ability. She was known for her devastating finishing moves such as the figure four, the bulldog, and the dreaded Boston crab. It wasn’t long until the whole wrestling world began to respect Susan for both her knowledge and physical ability for the sport. She even helped break in some of the Von Erich boys when they first began. “When the Von Erich boys started training, I got to work with David and Kerry in mixed tags so they could get experience. Fritz was always happy when I got to work with them” said Susan.

During her career she has been honored with such awards as Cauliflower Alley Club Other honoree (1994), National Wrestling Alliance NWA Texas Women’s Championship (4 time), NWA World Tag Team Championship (1 time), NWA World Women’s Championship (1 time), NWA Hall of Fame (Class of 2011), Professional Girl Wrestling Association PGWA Championship (2 times), and was Pro Wrestling Illustrated PWI Girl Wrestler of the Year (1976). The one thing that is not advertised that much but is now being mentioned more than ever, is the night she won against The Fabulous Moolah which technically ended Moolah’s 27 year title reign.


“The most memorable moment in my career was when I made Moolah tap out Jan 8, 1977 at the Dallas Sportatorium. I went to the center of the ring against The Fabulous Moolah. She reached up and slapped me in the face and I put her in an Indian Death Lock and she tapped out. She claims in her book that it was Madison Square Garden but it wasn’t. After a few months I was forced to hand her back her title” explained Sue. This is a remarkable moment in pro wrestling history because the fabulous Moolah had the longest title reign in the history of pro wrestling with 27 years. During that reign Susan Green defeated her which is an accomplishment that needs to be recognized. “She was and is an amazing wrestler” said NWA Champion Sabrina Wrestling’s Wonder Woman. Manager/ Wrestler Lady Amazon added “I have a lot of respect for someone like Sue Green. She was one of the women that paved the way to make it possible for women like me to take part in this business.” WWE Legend Princess Victoria “I have a lot of respect for Susan she is a great person and a tremendous wrestler.”

Susan Green is well respected in wrestling and is an open homosexual and has been since she was the age of 13 years old. “Some wrestlers were ok with it and some wrestlers weren’t. If I knew some folks didn’t like my lifestyle, I just stayed away. While I was wrestling I did drag on the side and was getting paid extra money. I was a male impersonator at these clubs and the pay was actually better than what I got as a wrestler. I competed in gay pride king, competed against male impersonators; I tried to make it as real as possible. I am well known for my Alan Jackson impersonation that I do” said Susan.

After wrestling, Susan eventually got a job working for Columbia, South Carolina in the planning department. Several years ago while working in the department, Susan Green was assaulted by an individual, who attacked her from behind. Susan suffered multiple abrasions and breaks. Her injuries were so bad that she was hospitalized and put in the intensive care unit. Many wrestlers came to her side. One wrestler in particular former WWE women’s tag team champion Desiree Petersen was there the most. “I would consider Desiree a sister, I met her 20 plus years ago when I got sick in ICU Desiree Petersen came to make sure I was ok. People use to ask who was she and I’ve always said she was my sister” said Sue.

Susan Green is a fighter and fought her way better, to the point where she can still to this day, wrestle and train again. It was suspected that one of the individuals that she worked with was the person who attacked her because the attacker had the same body type of a man she knew, who wasn’t too fond of her sexual preference. “When you don’t face the person and you attacked them from the back, you’re a coward. I told the investigators a clue and when he told the chief he got demoted” said Sue.

“In all my years in pro wrestling I have learned how to respect people. In my day we were a family, especially with the people we were on the road with. People extended a hand to help. I also learned that no matter how good women are they get paid less. No woman will never be treated as equal Vince wants T and A. It could be more respectable but it’s not. Some of the best advice ever given to me is, never let anyone disrespect you and if you can’t respect yourself then no one will respect you” said Susan Green.

This year she will be inducting The Fabulous Moolah in the first ever Gulf Coast Wrestling Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. The greatest female wrestler and one of the greatest wrestlers in history Leilani Kai have credited Susan as a mentor. Susan has never and probably will never retire from the sport of pro wrestling, she’ s still training and anyone who is interested in learning how to become a pro wrestler email Susan Green at:

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