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Bachelorette’s Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez call it quits

Bachelorette\'s Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez call it quits
Surprise, Surprise yet another Bachelor/Bachelorette break-up. Reports surfaced yesterday that Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez are calling it quits. Ali was the bachelorette in season 6 of the ABC channel’s “finding love” reality show. As the media begins the attack on their, and other, reality show formed relationships, I would like to point out how tactful she is as a woman.

Aside from asking for privacy in the matter, she did not get on her Facebook or Twitter account and begin bashing her relationship. In fact, she has not said one word about her break-up. I applaud you, Ali, well done, very classy.

Yes, the public has stuck their noses in the lives of Ali and Roberto from the moment they met that first night on the Bachelorette when Roberto got out of the limo at the mansion. We watched them “fall in love” on national tv and watched as she said yes to Robero’s proposal. Fast-forward 18 months later and we continue to read about this public break-up.

Ali and Roberto have been in the spotlight throughout their entire relationship like all celebrity couples. It seems as though the public preys off of these celebrity break-ups. We like to watch the happiness, but we also like to watch their relationships unravel. Bravo to Ali and Roberto for not bashing one another like many other couples after break-ups. May more “celebrities” have the tact the two of you have had.