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‘This Weeks’ NEW ARRIVALS at Bakers!!!

Rosalind-R: A Rhinestone encrusted Satin Mary Jane pump ~My FAV!!! Great, for all occasion, from the office to your little ones dance recital, even out to dinner with the girls~

Calling aLL sHoe-Heads!!!

Hope you guys are safe out there in this unusual weather! Snow–who would have thought? But, I do know for sure, that one of you out there, went out of your way, snow or no snow, you made it your best interest to make that trip to the mall for those pumps, boots, “wear-to-work shoes” that you have been wanting…

Yup, I know! Because sure enough, I wen t out of my way to do a little shoe-shopping myself, Lol. But, in case you didn’t and you did what every normal/sane person would have done which is, staying indoors, then please, by all means, allow me to share with you what goodies I came across today, from Bakers. AND, you even get some insight on how I intend on dressing them up 😉

Lawless: Knee high boot featuring the Oxford look ~These are for my down/casual days–vintage denim with a boyfriend sweater or shirt, and a really nice scarf to accessorize~

Crys 😉


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