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Katt Williams Dodges Jail Time In Police Chase Case!!!


Katt Williams and Lindsay Lohan are like the new era Robert Downy Jr. However, they just keep on dodging jail time. They must keep a four leaf clover in their back pockets…

Katt Williams, who appeared in court on Thursday, managed to skip having to do any jail tome for his police evasion FELONY charge that took place last November. Williams was in Sacramento when he took police officers on a wild goose chase on his tricycle. Yup, a tricycle!

Instead of being charged as a felon, prosecutors decided to drop the charge down to a misdemeanor. As part of the deal, Katt was sentenced to 428 hours of community service to be completed in 9 months, this according to TMZ.

Chris Brown Arrives In Court With Rihanna Hand-In-Hand!!!


Earlier Wednesday, Chris Brown arrived in court with his mother, his lawyer, and Rihanna. Chris definitely took a different approach to his appearance today, the “Fortune” signer was dressed very dapper, wearing an all grey suit and tie.

Brown’s court attendance stemmed from recent allegations about him defrauding his community services.

According to TMZ, the D.A. wants the court to find Chris in violation of his probation stemming from the Rihanna beating case — which required the singer to complete 180 days of community service.

The judge ordered Brown to meet with his probation officer in Los Angeles within 48 hours to speak with the officer about the allegations that he fabricated his community service.

The judge said he needed more time to review all of the evidence presented by the D.A.. He also wants to hear from the P.O., after he speaks with Chris. The next hearing has been scheduled for April 5.

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Chris Brown FAKED Community Service Faces Possible Probation Violation!!!



Chris Brown is accused of faking his community service records and violating his probation, according to documents filed by the Los Angeles County District Attorney.

Prosecutors allege that Brown did not perform all of the community service he claims to have completed in Virginia in connection to his infamous Rihanna assault case.

In the filed motion, the D.A. says there are “significant discrepancies indicating at best sloppy documentation and at worst fraudulent reporting” of Brown’s supposed community service.

The shocking turn of events revolves around a letter sent by Richmond police chief Bryan T. Norwood last September, claiming Brown had completed 202 days of service — more than the 180 required by law.

Brown purportedly worked at Tappahannock Children’s Center, doing odd jobs, and also is said to have helped the city with “trash removal… public park clean up, washing City owned vehicles” and other tasks.

But new legal documents say the Richmond police department only supervised Brown’s service on a handful of occasions, and a D.A. investigation found no “credible, competent or verifiable evidence” that Brown had actually done 180 days of service, let alone 202.

The D.A. is demanding that Brown’s community service be rejected and that he fulfill his obligation in Los Angeles County.

According to TMZ, Brown’s mother was responsible for scheduling his work at the Tappahannock Children’s Center but, members say they’ve never seen Chris work.

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Crocs Founder George Boedecker PLEADS GUILTY In DUI!!!


TMZ – Crocs founder George Boedecker is changing his tune after his crazy DUI arrest last year — finally admitting he was wasted at the time … after previously pleading “not guilty.”

Boedecker was in court yesterday in Boulder, CO, where he pled guilty to DUI following his DUI arrest last August — when cops discovered him passed out in the front seat of his Porsche.

According to the police report, medics described Boedecker as “drunk as crap” … and when cops decided to arrest him, Boedecker told the officers to “f**k yourselves in the ass.”

According to the report, Boedecker also claimed he was dating Taylor Swift.

Boedecker pled “not guilty” back in September — but yesterday he changed his plea … and was sentenced to 2 years probation and 96 hours of community service.

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