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NEW MUSIC: Destiny’s Child Releases New Song “Nuclear” {AUDIO}

They’re back!!!

Check out new music from, Destiny’s Child performing “Nuclear.”

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Nas Hangs Out With Daughter, Destiny Over The Weekend!!! {PHOTOS}

Legendary MC Nas caused an uproar with his ex and mother of his teenage daughter Destiny when he released his latest single, “Daughters.”
Though Nas’ ex Carmen Bryan took to Twitter to slam the rapper for releasing a song that rehashes the mistakes of their daughter for the world’s enjoyment, Destiny and her father hung out for the weekend. Destiny Jones tweeted about hanging with her famous pops and even twitpic’d a photo of them in the car.

Has anyone noticed that Destiny have yet to say anything! But her mom, Carmen Bryan seemed to have so much to say. And FYI, Destiny is over 18-yrs-old.

Carmen Bryan Goes On Twitter Rant Behind Nas’ New Tell-All Tune “Daughters”

Yesterday, Nas dropped a new banger about his “little princess”, Destiny, called “Daughters” from his upcoming album Life Is Good. While most of the hip-hop community was overwhelmingly ecstatic about Mr. Jones new track, one person in particular was none-too-happy with the legendary Queensbridge spitter.

Carmen Bryan, Nas’ daughter’s mother, took twitter to voice her displeasure with him and his decision to re-air the business that all of us already knew anyway. As expected, the twitterverse turned on Carmen and she spent several hours going back-and-forth with fans defending her daughter.

THROWBACK pic of Nas, Carmen, and Destiny…

Personally, I didn’t see anything wrong with the track. He addressed certain situations that were currently taking place in his daughters life which, also takes place in the life of many other teens. It would have been the same if he was figuratively speaking, as if he had a daughter; however, it would have just applied to someone else.

There is no need to be bitter Carmen! at the end of the day, Nas did say “he wishes things were different”. He admitted to not being the best father…IF YOU WERE REALLY LISTENING…instead of hating!

Here’s the trcak again if you haven’t heard it… Do you think Nas is bashing his daughter, Destiny?