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Egyptian Teacher Beating His Student In the School!!! {VIDEO}

Egyptian teacher beating his student in the school…

This may be legal, this ma nit be legal. But what I do know is that, that student is a grown ass boy, man, whatever, and there is NO WAY do you put your hands on no grown man. That kid should have taken one right to his effing throat. One knockout punch! There is noway in hell that a parent should be ok with a teacher kicking and punching their child. NOWAY!

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Diddy’s Son Justin Combs Has People Upset Over $54K UCLA Scholarship!

“Justin Combs worked hard in high school to improve his football game and earn a 3.75 GPA . He recently received a $54,000 merit-based scholarship to UCLA, where he’ll play football. In April, Forbes named Justin Combs’ dad, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, the wealthiest artist in hip- hop. Some say the family should return Justin’s scholarship, arguing that Combs should pay for his son’s education and taxpayer money should go to students with greater financial need. Other say Justin Combs earned the scholarship through his grades and athletic ability, and deserves to keep it.” – CNN

INSPIRATION OF THE WEEK: Homeless High School Student Graduates –Overcomes Adversity!!! {VIDEO}

WoW!! Just when you think you have it bad, someone else has it worst…

“Sunday morning at Booker T. Washington High School, hundreds of seniors lined up for an academic awards ceremony. All the students are smart and special, but maybe none more so than Fred Dukes. With a 3.0 grade point average and a score of 24 out of 36 on the ACT test, teachers said he’s plenty smart. And he accomplished all that despite being homeless and without family support. “I am very proud I stuck with it and didn’t give up,” said Dukes. Two years ago, Duke’s stepmother moved back to South Carolina for a job, but he stayed behind. But he said that meant going about life alone and staying with any friend he could. “Me and my friend Malcolm kind of compromised to where I could lay my head on his back porch if I needed to,” said Dukes.” – Atlanta


"From Obama To Yo' Momma…You Can Get It Wright Here"

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