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DAMN SHAME: Grandmother ARRESTED for Physically Abusing & Feeding Cat Food To Her Grandchildren!!! {VIDEO}

Grandmother ARRESTED for Physically Abusing & Feeding Cat Food To Her Grandchildre.

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Chris Brown Talks “Fifty Shades” & Sex Life, BLASTS Halloween Costume Haters!!! {VIDEO}

Chris Brown blasted his Halloween costume haters, discussed “Fifty Shades of Grey,” and talked candidly about his own sex life during a wide-ranging interview on Power 106′s “Big Boy’s Neighborhood.”

After describing an upcoming movie project, Brown acknowledged rumors that he’s in the running to play Christian Grey in the upcoming “Fifty Shades” adaptation (leading him to bust out a “white guy” impression).

Big Boy got into a discussion about the longest sexual “drought” Brown has had in recent years, as well as how Brown gets women to his house (and gets them to leave) when he’s hooking up as a single man.

The host then cracked up Brown with an impersonation of Rihanna before bringing up Brown’s controversial terrorist Halloween costume.

Brown’s message to his detractors was pretty clear.

“It’s f**king Halloween! It’s a motherf**king pagan holiday. We dress our kids up as Satan, demons, little goblins, and all this other sh*t,” he declared. “Get over it, people!”

He continued, “I was dressed as the people we killed, the person we killed… Bin Laden!… It’s nobody’s motherf**king business!”

What did you guys think of Brown’s comments?

Chris Brown Raises Eyebrows In Taliban Halloween Costume!!! {PHOTO}

Chris Brown is no stranger to controversy, and his apparent Halloween costume may raise some eyebrows.

On Wednesday, the singer posted a Twitter picture of himself and some friends wearing long beards and turbans and carrying guns, seemingly in an effort to look like stereotypical “terrorists.”

“Ain’t nobody F**king wit my clique!!!! #ohb” wrote Brown.

What do you guys think of Breezy’s costume?