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Dwyane Wade Slammed For Post-Sandy Tweet, Donates $210k To Relief Efforts!!!

Dwyane Wade sure does know how to hush folks up and put his money where his mouth is.

Last night, he turned a negative situation into a positive after getting slammed on twitter for posting a tweet that some of his fans felt was insensitive. According to his tweet, it took the Heat three hours to get to New York City from Newark Airport because of the gridlock traffic caused by Hurricane Sandy. He tweeted:

3 hour traffic just to get into the NY city… #C’monMan

After being called every name in the book, D. Wade deleted the tweet and clarified what he was attempting to say about the aftermath of the storm:

2 be clear “Traffic tweet was meant 2 say”… We shouldn’t B [here] 2 play a basketball game when theirs so many families obviously still R affected by #Sandy

In his defense, he did tweet the day before that although he loved playing at the Garden, he could not help but think about the families that had lost power, food and water during the storm. After the twitter debacle, D. Wade stepped up to the plate and announced that he would be donating his pay from last night’s game against the Knicks — approximately $210,000 before taxes — to a charity.

The money I make tonight can be left for a good cause. I know a lot of people here. Knowing the things they have been through, it’s just mind-boggling. Miami is a place that is affected by hurricanes all the time so I know how the community can be impacted by it. It’s tough.

I didn’t think that the game of basketball was of importance today, but the show must go on I guess and we will try to come out here and represent both cities, Miami and New York. I just felt there was bigger things to be concerned about.

He also tweeted today:

NYC has given my love ones and I so many great memories..donating my game check was the least I could do…#SandyRelief

Meanwhile, it seems as though the Heat may have donated a win to the New York Knicks as well. The Knicks beat the Heat 104-84, and when someone tweeted Dwyane’s girl Gabrielle Union about the loss, she responded:

I’m ok w/ it…my guy donated 210k to relief efforts & most of our friends finally have power #biggerthanbasketball

SAY WORD: Ray Allen Takes Less Money And Signs To Miami Heat!!! {VIDEO}

Holy isht!!! Boston fans are probably casting all sorts of hexes right now.. Lol

{Former} Boston Celtic, Ray Allen has decided to take his talents to South Beach!!

The 37-yr-old Vet took a major paycut in order for him to join the 2012 NBA Champions, the Miami Heats.


All, I have to say is Ray, you better watch your back! Or, better yet, I hope you’re already in the transition of relocating. You guys know Boston fans can become a little “emotional” towards their home teams and team members.

What do you guys think? Is Ray Allen ring chasing? Or, do you think he will make a great addition to the already BIG THREE?

Boston and Miami fans, how do you guys feel about this one? Sound off below!

Oprah Sits Down With NBA Champions, the Miami Heats: LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh!!! {VIDEO}

Yesterday, Oprah flew down to Miami to sit down for an in-depth chat with Miami Heat, including superstars Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. After the parade, she talked to the world champs about the challenges leading up to their historic win, their friendships on and off the court and she even had the chance to chat with them about the women in their lives. Although, Adrienne Bosh showed off her new baby with Chris Bosh, there hasn’t been confirmation on whether Gabrielle Union and Savannah will also be a part of the show.

Today, on facebook, Oprah posted:

Talked to the HEAT yesterday. Wow was that interesting – getting to talk to LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh just a few days after their great NBA victory. Was sitting in front of my TV during Game 4 of the finals and thought if they win, this will be triple sweet for them after all the naysayers and hoopla surrounding last year’s defeat.

So we called and they said Yes; Come on down to Miami after the parade.

It was clear to me, and will be to you too, that this Championship is not just about basketball but so much more. We talked about how sweet it is to prove “I told you so” to yourself.

First Look: NBA World Champion Miami Heat Stars LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh

On Sunday, July 1, Oprah sits down with the superstars of the NBA’s Miami Heat—LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh—in Miami. Watch as she talks with the world champions about their historic win, their friendships on and off the court and the women in their lives. Tune in at 8/7c.

Never Give Up: Lebron James —King With A Ring!! {VIDEO}

Check out this really cool footage; a compilation of LeBron‘s moments and struggles on the journey of,  getting to the RING. Lebron’s brilliance is complimented by rapper DMX, “The Prayer”.