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TRUE OR FALSE: Tom Cruise Signs On for ‘Mission: Impossible 5’?!?!


Tom Cruise has officially signed on for Mission: Impossible 5.

The Hollywood actor will star and produce the 5th installment of the franchise, Paramount Pictures announced on Tuesday.

FYI – – The franchise’s last movie, Mission: Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol, was the highest grossing in the series.

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Paula Patton OWNS it On the Cover of JEZEBEL Magazine!!!

Paula Patton


Paula “Mrs. Thicke” Patton is at it again!!! Another explosive spread, this time she covers, delivers, and owns the November 2011 cover of JEZEBEL Magazine, which is based out of Atlanta. Patton has been on a streak over the last few months due to her captivating role as a sexy spy in the upcoming thriller Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, starring Tom Cruise.

Inside, Patton targets the rising of her career, “luck”, as she calls it, her relationship with husband R&B singer Robin Thicke, and their toddler Julian. “I love my son; I love my husband; and then I want to take them into my dream world,” she told JEZEBEL.

The highly anticipated action pack thriller will be in IMAX and in theatres December 15, 2011.

JEZEBEL Novembers issue also features the 50 Most Beautiful Atlantans…