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SH!TBIRD ALERT: Russian Phone Thief Messes With Wrong Woman [VIDEO]

She T’s off on his ass! Bet he regretted that. Wonder how he’ll explain to his friends and family where he got his bruises from… Damn fool!

That was like a 30 second Mortal Kombat trailer…loved the finishing sidekick move… “Finish him!” Never underestimate a woman!

Ocean City Police Under Investigation For Slamming Pregnant Woman Leading Her To Have An Emergency C-Section [VIDEO]

Confrontation between a group of people and Ocean City police officers that was caught on cell phone footage is now under investigation.

After the group of people who became to loud on the beach were asked to tone it down and didn’t, police officers got involved, which lead to assaults on both ends, and to a pregnant woman being slammed by officers, causing her to have an emergency c-section.

The group says they were racial profiled and are seeking legal actions.

Consequence Warns Joe Budden He Got His Cell Phone Questions Joe’s Sexuality!!! {AUDIO}

Cons calls to discuss his side of the story and says he has Joe Budden’s cell phone. Joe has text messages to a guy name Derrick.

UNBELIEVABLE: Toddler Smoking Marijuana In Bong {VIDEO}

Can you say Shitbird?!

A mother in Washington state is in big trouble with the law after she allegedly videotaped her toddler taking a hit from a bong. The newly released cell phone video shows a 22-month-old boy from Centralia, Washington, briefly using a lit marijuana bong.

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