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Mister Cee Comes Clean On Hot97 Morning Show [AUDIO]

In the midst of being exposed then resigning from one pf NYC’s biggest hip hop stations, Hot97 DJ Mister Cee comes clean about his struggles and his reasons of resigning with Ebro on the Morning Show.

Cee also admits that he HAS received oral sex from Transgenders; however, he also states that he has NEVER had sexual intercourse with another man.

Michael Douglas Says STD Gave Him Throat Cancer


According to TMZ: Michael Douglas says his near-death bout with throat cancer was caused by an STD he picked up while giving oral sex. TMI, Michael!!!!

Douglas dropped the bombshell in an interview with the Guardian UK — telling the paper that his particular form of throat cancer was caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) that was contracted from “cunnilingus” … a.k.a performing oral sex on a female.

He explains, “It’s a sexually transmitted disease that causes cancer. If you have it, cunnilingus is also the best cure for it.” The last part is NOT supported by doctors.

FYI — HPV is more famously known to cause cervical and anal cancer.

Douglas was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer back in 2010. He underwent weeks of radiation and chemo.

He has been cancer free for over two years.

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SH!TBIRD ALERT: EX-NFL Cheerleader Accused & Charged After Grabbing 12-Yr-Old Boys Penis!!!


TMZ – A former NFL cheerleader has been charged with aggravated sexual battery after allegedly grabbing a 12-year-old boy’s penis outside his pants … and attempting to perform oral sex on him.

42-year-old Elizabeth Garner — who cheered for the Tennessee Titans until 2009 — was also charged with solicitation of a minor for rape of a child.

According to law enforcement, Garner — who is married — is accused of following the 12-year-old to the bathroom during a party last month hosted by the boy’s mother, grabbing his penis over his shorts … and attempting to remove them in order to perform oral sex on him.

The boy escaped, told his mother what happened … and the mother then informed authorities. According to police, the boy said Garner asked if he’d ever been with a woman.

During a police interview, cops claim Garner willingly admitted she approached the boy … but said she was drunk and had confused him with an (adult) man at the party. (We’ll see how that defense pans out.)

Garner — who was booked on $30,000 bond — faces more than 8 years in prison if convicted.

Drunk or not, any woman can tell the difference between a child and adult size penis. She better hope the verdicts in her favor.

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Kris Humphries Sued By Woman Who Claims He Gave Her Herpes!!!

Kris Humphries is reportedly being sued by a woman who claims he gave her herpes.

According to a lawsuit, Kayla Goldberg says that she hooked up with Kim Kardashian’s onetime husband at L.A.’s Trousdale night club in 2010, and then went back to his hotel room, where they had sex multiple times.

Goldberg also alleges they had oral sex, and that the basketball player did not wear a condom during part of their encounter.

She further claims Humphries has herpes and did not inform her, says TMZ.

Goldberg’s suit states that a week later she was diagnosed with the sexually transmitted disease.

She is seeking unspecified damages.

Stay tuned for updates!

Tacoma Teacher Charged With Having Sex With Her 12-Year-Old Student For Over 2 Years! (Boy, Now 17, Told After A Church Service.. Got Paid $80, Did It In The Classroom, Car, Bedroom, Etc)

“Prosecutors say Keshia T. Shaw raped a former student five times between April 8, 2007 and Dec. 31, 2008. Now 17, at the time the victim was 12-years-old, and a student in Shaw’s sixth-grade class at Gray Middle School in Tacoma. Shaw was the student’s science and math teacher, according to charging documents. Authorities say a friend of the victim’s family contacted Child Protective Services on May 7, 2012 after the boy confided in them that Shaw had sex with him when she was his teacher. Police subsequently contacted the boy’s mother, who verified that the boy had recently made similar statements to her after attending a church service. Charging documents say the boy told his mother that Shaw had performed oral sex on him and had sexual intercourse with him “three to four times when he was in sixth grade.” On May 9 police interviewed the victim who added details to the allegations. The now 17-year-old told investigators that at the conclusion of his sixth grade year he retook an exam in Shaw’s classroom. During the exam, the victim told authorities that Shaw sat directly in front of him, and that he noticed she wasn’t wearing underwear under her dress. Charging documents state, “the defendant caught him looking at her and asked if he was turned on.” From there, charging documents contend Shaw took the victim to a room between her classroom and the classroom next door, where she performed oral sex on the victim. After the oral sex, according to charging documents”



Craziness In The World: Phillip Don Oliver Forces Man To Have Sex With His Mother-In-Law While His Wife Watched During Robbery!!! {VIDEO}

This is absolutely SICKENING!!!

“Phillip Don Oliver, a 25-year-old Houston man, has been jailed after he allegedly forced another man to have sex with his own mother-in-law while his wife watched. According to police, Oliver approached a male victim outside of his apartment, pointed a handgun at him and ordered him inside the apartment. Once inside, Oliver ordered the man, his wife and his mother-in-law to gather inside a bathroom. All three were then ordered to undress. Investigators say Oliver then ordered the man to kneel on the bathroom floor and place his head into the toilet bowl while Oliver repeatedly flushed it. Oliver then placed the barrel of the gun into the man’s rectum, removed it, and then forced the barrel into the wife’s mouth. Oliver then pointed the gun at the head of the couple’s 6-month-old daughter and ordered the man to place his penis inside his mother-in-law’s mouth. Fearing for his daughter’s safety, the man complied. Oliver then ordered the mother-in-law to perform oral sex on her son-in-law while the wife watched. The victims told police that Oliver demanded $200,000 from them, which was owed to a third person named Rico. The victims denied knowing anyone by the name Rico. Detectives tracked Oliver down at a nearby apartment complex and took him into custody without incident. The victims were able to identify Oliver from an array of mugshot photographs. Oliver was booked into jail and charged with aggravated assault and aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. Bond has not yet been set in the case. According to court records, Oliver was convicted of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in 2008.” – TheWeeklyVoice