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Is it over for the Jaguars?

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 All is not well with Jacksonville’s lone professional sports team. They currently sit at the cellar of the AFC South; have an offensive that ranks 29th and 30th in passing and rushing yards, and unfortunately things don’t look much better as they face Indianapolis (who looked great against San Francisco last week) and Denver, who in my opinion is Super Bowl bound, in two of the next three weeks. Can the Jaguars still salvage their season? Well, expect one of their best games to come in week 13 against the lowly Cleveland Browns, but other than that it probably won’t be pretty.

Now, I must say I’m not a fortune teller or someone who can change the future. But, I will say this holiday season may not be so merry for Jags fans, but there are a few things the management can do to make the season more manageable for the fans. Here are my top four:

4) Cheer Fans

The concept is nice and simple each game draw three men and three women from the crowd and have them wave pom poms during the half-time cheerleader show. Most men wouldn’t jump at first jump at this chance, but let’s face it being surrounded by beautiful women is a draw that would be tough to turn down, and I will say this will fulfill most women’s dreams of being a professional cheerleader. Now, this tactic would do nothing at all to help the team win, but this idea will bring fans to the game.

3) Let Mark Cuban Buy the Franchise

The Dallas Mavericks used to be awful. Then Mark Cuban came along. Now, he didn’t play or coach for them, but he was able to put people in the right places to produce a winning ball club. The Jags used to be good, but they’ve fallen on rough times. There are many pieces of the puzzle that aren’t yet assembled to turn them into winners again, but I think Mark Cuban can be the answer.

2) Instead of a coin flip have a cage fight

People go crazy for MMA and UFC fights, what makes you think they wouldn’t go equally as nuts for a few NFL players fighting it out in a cage for possession of the football? Cage fights to begin the game would take something as boring as the coin flip and make it crazy exciting.

1) Sign Brett Favre, Tim Tebow, or Terrell Owens

The management in Jacksonville needs to understand, they might not win a game this year. Give Tim Tebow a chance, sure he’d be a much better NFL tight end, but the guy really wants to play quarterback in the NFL. Blaine Gabbert is a nice kid, but he’s not the answer. Tim Tebow might be.

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