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Nationwide Manhunt for Escaped Inmate!!!


Yahoo! – A nationwide manhunt is underway for a career criminal who has twice escaped from jail by switching identities with other inmates.

Authorities did not notice Rocky Marquez, 34, was missing from a Detroit jail until five days after he walked out the front door undetected.

“Mr. Marquez does have a bit of a head start, but we have the best of the best working on this case and I’m confident Rocky will be put behind bars,” said Deputy U.S. Marshal Frederick J. Freeman.

A fugitive apprehension team along with the U.S. Marshals and other police agencies are searching for Marquez.

According to police, on Jan. 20, Marquez switched ID wristbands with another inmate, who was about to be freed on bond. Marquez then simply walked out of the Wayne County jail.

“He’s smarter than your average criminal. He’s somehow getting inmates to cooperate with him to use their identities to walk out of jail,” Freeman said.

This was not the first time Marquez staged a jailbreak.

According to U.S. Marshal David Gonzalez, Marquez pulled the same stunt in a Phoenix prison eight months ago when he switched wristbands with another inmate who he had befriended and who had a similar complexion and build.

“He obviously has a penchant for getting out of jail and wanting to stay out of jail, but hopefully we can put an end to that run here soon,” Gonzalez said.

Marquez was arrested in Detroit after the U.S. Marshals tracked a car they believed he was using to the city.

Marquez, whose criminal record includes drug smuggling, perjury and witness tampering, was awaiting extradition to Phoenix when he escaped last week.

Officials from the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office said there would be an investigation into the reasons for Marquez’s escape.

“We have policies and procedures in place that should have prevented something like this from happening,” the sheriff’s office told ABC News.

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Cleveland Rap Artist Make’s A Music Video “On The Run” & Goes To Jail After Releasing It!!!

“Amateur rapper Anthony Willis, who goes by the name EC Face, sang about what he knows: being a wanted fugitive on the run. He thought at the time it was a good idea to create this video, Brian Fitzgibbon with the U.S. Marshals Service in Cleveland said Fitzgibbon said Willis was one of their most wanted violent fugitives when his video On The Run, was posted to YouTube.com in November. U.S. Marshals said they arrested Willis Wednesday morning at a home on E. 133rd St. They said he was hiding in the basement under some debris. On the video Willis sings, Will I make it to the top or get killed by a cop? One thing for sure, I just can’t stop. – 8 News

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Illinois Ponzi Scheme Fugitives, Known As the “Mini Madoffs” Caught In Arizona!!!

TONOPAH, Arizona (AP) — Acting on a tip, U.S. marshals in Arizona put an end to an Illinois couple’s life on the lam, a dozen years after they fled punishment for running a Ponzi scheme that targeted friends, the elderly, and even family members, authorities said.

As fugitives, Nelson Grant Hallahan, 65, and wife Janet Hallahan, 54, lived in several states in the Southwest and had used a number of aliases, the Marshals Service said Sunday.

The two were arrested by deputy marshals Saturday afternoon in Tonopah, a desert community 50 miles west of Phoenix. Officials believe they hid in Arizona for the past couple years.

“The 12-year run from justice of the Hallahans, also known as the ‘Mini Madoffs,’ has come to an end,” U.S. Marshal for Arizona David Gonzales said in a statement. “Their investment scams involving family, friends, and the elderly, ruined many lives.”

The agency said it received a tip about their location after they were featured on “America’s Most Wanted” the previous night.

The couple pleaded guilty in Illinois federal court to bank and mail fraud conspiracy charges and money laundering. They didn’t show up for their sentencing and began life on the run.

While living in Peoria, Ill., the couple promised their victims significant returns on investments, the Marshal Service said. They were actually running a Ponzi scheme, repaying earlier investors with proceeds from new ones. They also defrauded investors by selling interests in a tanning salon they later sold without telling investors, the statement said.

The Marshal Service said the couple netted millions of dollars from victims, and maintained a lavish lifestyle, buying yachts, luxury vehicles, designer clothes and jewelry.

Teresa Allred, 63, said she and her husband went to dinner with the Hallahans several times and had considered them friends.
They gave the Hallahans $15,000 to buy more tanning beds for the salon. Allred, who lives with her husband just outside Peoria in Morton, Ill., said the Hallahans promised them a 10 percent interest rate on the investment.

Allred told The Associated Press Sunday night that they never saw the money again.

“When she (Janet) was borrowing money from us to buy tanning beds, she had already sold the tanning salon,” she said.
“With friends like that, who needs enemies?” she said.

According to a profile on the AMW website, Nelson Hallahan was a successful life insurance salesman. Janet Hallahan was his assistant and secretary, and the couple married in 1988.

The Hallahans owed nearly $1.2 million to investors when they disappeared just days before they were to be sentenced in January 2000.

Matt Hershey, a supervisory deputy U.S. Marshal, said the Hallahans were living apart and were arrested without incident at separate homes.

“I’m just glad that they’ve been found,” Allred said. “We may or may not see our money, but at least I feel like there’s a little bit of restitution.”

UNBELIEVABLE: 28-Year-Old Teacher’s Aide In Jail After Sending Nude Photos To Three 16-Year-Old Students!

“A teacher’s aide has been jailed after sending nude photos of herself to three 16-year-old students. U.S. marshals arrested Tiffany Lynne Huffman on charges of sexual misbehaviour. The 28-year-old woman from Oklahoma is alleged to have struck a friendship with the three teenagers through messages on Facebook. Police said she began having sexual conversations with each victim and eventually sent them nude photos of herself. She also sent photos of herself in sheer lingerie via text message from her cell phone. Court documents show that police have obtained the photos, which were sent between March 30 and April 17.”


Oklahoma Gunman On Killing Spree! (3 Blacks Dead, 2 Wounded In Hate Crime)

“A White gunman is on the run after gunning down three Black people in what is being investigated as a hate crime, reports CNN. Three people were killed and two were injured Friday in four separate shootings in north Tulsa, Oklahoma and police are still searching for the suspect. We’re not absolutely certain, but a hate crime is a possibility, said Tulsa police spokesman Capt. Jonathan Brooks, “and we’ll go with where the investigation leads us. All of the victims are Black. The suspected shooter is a White male and is believed to be traveling in a white truck.” The victims range in age from 31 to 54. According to Brooks, they were shot over a seven-hour period at four different street locations during the early morning hours. According to CNN, Tulsa police has formed a joint task force with the FBI and U.S. Marshals Service to investigate the potential hate crime.” – CNN

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