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Get It Wright Here’s Pro Wrestler of the Week: Andrea the Giant

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Get It Wright Here’s Pro Wrestler of the Week: Andrea the Giant
By Mr. Charity Christopher Annino

When Andrea was a young girl she would watch pro wrestling at grandma’s house in black and white, grandma was a big wrestling fan. Andrea began her athletic career in roller derby, and started wrestling at the age of 39.

It is rumored that Andrea the Giant is the illegitimate daughter of a wrestling legend. “My biological mother said to me she had an affair with a giant who was a wrestler, she never told me who he was but I have a few ideas as to who it could be” said Andrea. Some of the individuals who trained Andrea were Susan Tex Green, Eddie Night Stick Brown and Tony Hang Time James.

Some of Andrea’s finishing moves that she has developed of the years are the Choke slam, Crush slam, GIANT Elbow drop, GIANT Splash, Signature moves Bear hug, Body Slam, Chokehold, DDT, Giant boot, Giant leg drop, Gorilla press slam, Flying clothesline, Head-butt, Sidewalk slam, and Super slam. Andrea has developed herself as a tremendous in ring performer especially for someone of her over 6 ft.

The few years she has been wrestling she has racked up the following championships and accomplishments: February 2013 – AIWF Southwest Woman’s Champion – CROWN Wrestling, October 2012 – Alpha Omega Wrestling Woman’s Champion, September 2012 – AIWF Rockies Woman’s Champion – CROWN Wrestling, May 2012 – Wrestling Alliance of the Rockies (WAR) Women’s Champion, December 2010 – OECW Ladies Champion, February 2010 – RWC Tag Team Champion, and April 2009 – RWC Television Champion.

andrea the giant ultimate choke slam

What do you feel the wrestling industry has changed?

“The work is different today. It’s a quick sell with a big move; it was an art before and having a performance that has a story to it. Years ago the storylines were very entertaining; there wasn’t a tremendous amount of huge moves. Now you just see big moves after move. The audience is not connecting with the wrestlers the way they use to. One of the things that were taught to me is that the audience is the most important thing of the wrestling show. Interacting with them makes a difference.”

What is your view on WWE?

“WWE brought on the sports entertainment factor but at the same time it took away from the story and the characters that the average person could relate to. Too much talk, show me more wrestling!”

Who are and who were some of your favorite wrestlers to watch and why?

“There are two guys I grew up on Andre and Hogan. Andre was a great worker, he did a lot for the sport and when Hogan had that victory, he carried that sport and led everyone else.”

What is the Best Advice you can give if someone wants to get into wrestling?

“Find someone that has a legacy in wrestling if you want to get into wrestling. Anyone that is new to wrestling, it takes a while until you have a clue what to do in the ring. The more you learn and the more you work, the more you will learn to handle those unique elements that happen. For myself I had two wonderful trainers that would bring in folks that are in the industry like Al Snow, Susan Tex Green, and Awesome Kong. By going to all these seminars you gain knowledge and it adds to your performance. Do not get stuck with a back yard pro wrestling promotion. Those people are not trained and you can get hurt seriously.”

What was it like working with Susan Tex Green?

“Susan Tex Green has 40 championships; she is the most underrated individuals in the sport. She is and will be the greatest opponent and teacher I’ve ever met. Knowing I got to work with the best means the world to me.”

What is the worst injury you have gotten in pro wrestling?

“Getting suplexed over and hit an object in the ring snapped my ankle.”

What are a few of your goals in wrestling?

“My goal is to wrestle and put on great performances for the people. I would also like to wrestle for Shimmer and TNA. I will keep on going until my body says it can’t take anymore. I keep on reminding myself that I do this for the fans, and its fun.”

Get It Wright Here’s Nyla Rose Most Improved Pro Wrestler 2013


Get It Wright Here’s Nyla Rose Most Improved Pro Wrestler 2013
By Mr. Charity Christopher Annino

Nyla Rose is nothing more short of amazing; her skill level is superior to any pro wrestler on the independent circuit. She has power, agility, speed, stamina, timing and she has the look. Nyla has what it takes to be in the WWE or TNA. She is Native American and has recently teamed up with wrestling legend Princess Victoria and Little Bear to form this unique pro wrestling group made up of tribes from around the world called THE TRIBE.


“I got started in the business like most of us… When I was 4 or 5 I sat and watched an episode of Main Event. Been in love with wrestling ever since. A few years back I heard there was a school in Manassas (KYDApro) the rest is, as they say history” said Nyla.



Nyla was impressed with Roddy Piper’s mic skills as well as many of the female wrestlers that were before her. “So far I’ve been very fortunate to have been in the ring with many talented women and a few up and comers. I’ve been in the ring a few times now with Fantasia and each time I enjoy it more than the last time…I have a feeling we’re just getting started. Some of Nyla’s finishing moves that she is known for are Samoan Drop, Tumbling Snapmare, and Suplex to roll through guillotine chock.


“I’ve learned more about myself through wrestling than I ever expected to. But I know my journey is just beginning and I have a long way to go, and so much more to learn” explained Nyla. I am expecting great things from this talent. She recently went against 2013 Get It Wright Here’s Pro Wrestler of the year The Great Cheyenne for MLW Magnificent Ladies of Wrestling and had a sensational match.

Check out her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/N8VBeast?fref=ts


Mr. Charity’s All Star Pro Wrestling Team: Spotlight on Manager/ Wrestler Lady Amazon

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Mr. Charity’s All Star Pro Wrestling Team: Spotlight on Manager/ Wrestler Lady Amazon
By Mr. Charity Christopher Annino

Lady Amazon grew up in the Tennessee area so it was only natural for her to gravitate to Memphis wrestling. She recalls early memories watching the Poffo’s, Randy Savage, and Jacki Fargo.

“When I was about 12 or thirteen another wrestler made an off color comment to me, Lanny and Randy’s father Angelo told the wrestler if you go near that kid again I will kill you. I was hurt when Angelo passed away” said Lady Amazon. All her life Lady Amazon looked up to wrestlers such as Rickey Morton, The Rock and Roll Express, Jerry the King Lawler, Bill Dundee, Rocky Johnson, Susan TEX Green, Moondog Fifi, and Joyce Grable. “Joyce is a tremendous talent and I bow down to her, she is a true wrestling icon I only met her a few times but I am glad that I got to meet her.” Amazon added “I met Sensational Sherrie when I was about 16 years old. She always gave me advice, I had a lot of respect for Sherri, and I had seen her in Maryland a year before she died, it broke my heart, and it was a huge loss. I also had a lot of respect for Luna as well.”

Amazon was trained by Tojo Yamamoto who taught the old school way. “Tojo wouldn’t put us out there until he thought we were ready. We trained hard. He made sure we knew everything so we wouldn’t look stupid out there. My first match was scary, ha-ha-ha, it was good. A girl got hurt last minute so they called and asked if I wouldn’t mind wrestling. I worked a girl called Baby Cakes, it was my first match, and I didn’t go over. I was a little intimidated I wasn’t ready to be in front of the crowd.” Throughout her career she has won US championship for Wild West Wrestling, she was on the cover the Indy divas wrestling magazine 2005, “this was voted by the fans which made me feel really good.”

Lady Amazon snuka

She was a tall presence in the ring and she was famous for her figure four leg lock and her devastating DDT. “There aren’t a lot of good female wrestlers in the business. Tasha Simone and Fantasia are some of the best females in the business. Not taking anything away from any of the other girls, Natalya Neidhart is another good wrestler.”

One of Lady Amazon’s most memorable moments in her pro wrestling career was “I had showed up and I was on my way from Allentown, PA, and Afa from the Wild Samoan’s greeted me by calling me Yamamotos girl, that was a great honor. Another was I had ran in on a match and attacked Gypsy Joe, tag teaming with Larry Zbyszko in PA, and my retirement match and Stro Maestro pointed to me and said can u say the word legend.”

Lady Amazon at one point injured her back which may have been a blessing in disguise because from there she became a wrestling manager, and it opened her up for other career possibilities. She has managed Tracy Smothers, Stro Maestro, and Larry Zybszko. “Going from a wrestler to manager was difficult. You always need to know where you are in or around the ring at all times.”

Currently Amazon is in negotiations with several film industry people, one to do a film and the other to do a commercial for a marijuana store in Washington State.

As an over 20 year veteran in this business Lady Amazon’s view on current pro wrestling is “it’s ridiculous having a big man doing these flips and high flying moves. Or having a little guy beat a big guy. I think they should have the cruiser weight championship back. They mock the audience making them feel like complete idiots, I think they are wrong to do that.”

Lady Amazon explained that the two underrated wrestlers in the world are Shane Douglas and Scott Hall. Her Dream match if she had to go against a guy would be Shane Douglas or Scott Hall. Her dream match for a woman would be against Fantasia. And her dream match for a legend would be against Sensational Sherrie. Lady Amazon still manages but focuses her spare time on animal rescue.

Anyone looking to book Road Warrior Animal or Lady Amazon, email her at: ladyamazonforever@gmail.com

Pro Wrestling Legend of the Week Candi Devine


Candi Devine began her career in pro wrestling in 1980. She was very active in the American Wrestling Association which was owned by wrestling great Vern Gagne at the time. After winning the worldly recognized AWA Women’s Championship, a record of four times, she had many legendary matches with her counterpart Sherri Martel. Both athletes worked well against each other. Anytime the two of them feuded you knew you were in for a good match. She was badly injured in 1985 when she and Amy Monroe collided head to head in a monkey flip attempt. But she hopped back into the ring and became very versatile when competing in mixed tag team bouts from the years 1986-1990 with such superstars as Iceman King Parsons, Lance Von Erich, Magnificent Mimi, Judy Martin, and WWE Hall of Famer Wendy Richter. Throughout her career she has earned her reputation as being a class act and has won almost every honor a pro wrestler can receive.

How did you get started in the business?

CD: “I was friends with Randy Savage and Leaping Lanny Poffo. I originally became valet for ICW. I would also help with marketing and promoting. Basically I was a ring girl, my duties were to escort the wrestlers to the ring and help them with their robes. I really enjoyed it and wanted to learn to become a wrestler so I went to wrestling school Don Fargo, Joey Rossi taught me well. They beat the hell out of me to discourage me not to do it but, I survived.”

What wrestler inspires you?

CD: “Ric Flair of course stylin and profiling. I use to fashion my robes after him. I had a tremendous deal of respect for him. He was and still is an amazing wrestler.”

How did your wrestling career begin?

CD: “My first match was in Murfreesboro, Tennessee at the National Guard Armory. I sent pictures and my resume out for a year. I then worked with South West Wrestling and was the first girl ever to work against Moolah’s girls that didn’t train with Moolah. From there I worked with Princess Victoria and Velvet McIntyre in some tag matches then I was called up by Vern Gagne to come up to AWA.”

What were some of the best feuds?

CD: “Had a few against Judy Martin but primarily Sherrie Martel and I would have main event bouts on ESPN when back in those days it was unheard of. See, Sherrie and I were divas before there was a WWE. We dressed up more than the other girls and we put makeup on. Like I said, I always had to be Ric Flair, stylin and profiling!

What are your views on Pro Wrestling in the 21st century?

CD: “Wrestling now has changed. Before they looked good and could work but nowadays, they just look really good but can’t work. We had technique and could carry a match and make it entertaining.”

What do you feel about Women’s Pro Wrestling Legend the Fabulous Moolah?

CD: “I have a lot of respect for Moolah she paved wrestling for the girl’s, maybe she was hard on them but I think it was for the best. They knew what they were getting into. I remember that Wendy Richter and Moolah wrestled several times and had some great matches.”

What do you miss about pro wrestling full time?

CD: “Being the AWA women’s Champion four times felt fantastic, I was on top of the world. And being around the people involved, we were like a family. The Road warriors, Nick Bockwinkel were all nice people. I went shopping in the Mall of Americas in Manitoba with Nick Bockwinkel; I bought a pink leather dress suit. I remember I went to work for Dino bravo in Canada. Dino nicknamed me the “American Brat” because of my love for shopping. I remember hanging out with Andre the Giant at a place called the Stockyards in Nashville, Tennessee; he would order cases of wine. He could eat and drink more than anyone I have ever known. But he was a gentle giant and very intelligent. I guess I miss the traveling, I met a lot of great friends.”

For more information on matches go to the official Facebook fan page of Candi Devine


Get it Wright Here’s Pro Wrestler of the Year 2013 The Great Cheyenne


Get it Wright Here’s Pro Wrestler of the Year 2013 The Great Cheyenne
By Mr. Charity Christopher Annino

The Great Cheyenne is an international superstar sensation with Latin and Native American blood pumping through her veins; she is a force to be reckoned with in and out of the ring. Forget Muhammad Ali and Alexander the Great, this woman makes all of them look like amateurs. She is well respected amongst her peers and promotes self-empowerment through sports, health, nutrition and fitness. In her free time she volunteers her efforts for those, in need, at nursing homes and in benefits to support cancer efforts and is an animal activist. She has also recently been sponsored by a Nutrition Supplement Company, BMFsports.com; Get this if you’re wondering why? Their slogan is “Where’s the B-M-F in you?” And she is now their poster image, so you just imagine the subliminal message! The Great Cheyenne grew up watching wrestling and had never thought of doing it until she had a chance to try it. She fell in love with it and left martial arts. Some of her inspirations were Mildred Burke, Millie Stafford, Ella Waldek, Jane Mull, Bret Hart, Bob Backlund, Tony Atlas, Nunzio , Luna Vachon, Chyna, Mick Foley, Bull Nakano, Moolah, Joyce Grable, Princess Victoria, Sabrina Wrestling’s Wonder Woman, The Von Erich’s, George the Animal Steele, Dick the Bruiser, Sensational Sherry, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Jaguar Yokota, Mimi Hagiwara, Asia Kong and many of the Japanese women Wrestlers.

Q: What is your most memorable match?
It is hard to pick out my most memorable match because I have had quite a few very memorable ones to this day. I always hope there is something memorable in every one of my matches. I have to say wrestling in Asia vs. Malaki in a four corner match vs. Hartley Jacko Jackson from Australia, Himalayan Tiger from Nepal and outside the ring Udeo and Mr. Nakamura from Japan and Suni the referee main event in front of 50,000 people. We all had a GREAT time but my time in the ring with Malaki is always most memorable because he taught me most of what I know and thee teacher vs. student dynamic is always a great one. It is the epitome of sportsmanship at its best when the two fighters-grapplers have an understanding of each other’s strengths, weaknesses and fighting spirit. When there is true respect, there is almost never a loser in the end. On the other spectrum of this four corner match being a woman in the ring with men in this region of the world is one of the most intense feelings of honor, pride and empowerment not only for me but for those in the audience that relate with me and my plight. In my opinion wrestling is life all the other sports are games!

Q: Why did you put forth all the efforts you did for the Joyce Grable event?
I wanted to be involved in The Joyce Grable benefit because, first off I have huge respect for my predecessor’s, the legends of our sport. Joyce Grable has contributed so much to this business and was an integral part in lying the foundation for women’s wrestling. Those of us in the business should not take that for granted, at least I want to be one that shows respect proactively and not just with a phony post…because when you just post but don’t live it, that’s what it is …it’s a work. I normally do as much as I can to contribute in situations like this because times are hard and we need to keep a healthy positive attitude and support each other and give back. I have had fans drive far distances to come and support me and my love of wrestling, I don’t just want to take. I want to show support and give back where and when I can. We all need someone at one point or another even if we’re a lone wolf.

Q: What are your favorite finishing moves and why do you enjoy executing them?
Some of my finishing moves are power moves. I use a modified spine buster into a pin, a Samoan drop, and a senton bomb. I enjoy them because they are very visually strong moves … they are the final part of telling a story and ultimately will finish the fans suspension of disbelief…what is there not to believe, I just picked up someone over my head, held them and the executed the ultimate show of strength. You cannot believe in me all you want but you are still leaving knowing I just did what I did. Sometimes you can say all the words in the world to try and convey a message but just sometimes all it takes is that one powerful moment of action that is stronger than any words can ever be.

Q: What is the best rib you ever pulled on anyone?
Mixing a drink of laxative in a protein shake and “sharing” it with someone before their tag team match where he was bear hugged for one of the moves. It was one of the funniest ribs we ever pulled.

Q: Do you feel women’s wrestling has been destroyed if so why and how?
I feel that is a question that has many answers and not enough time for me to answer. I think we have made many great leaps and bounds… but it has also changed for the worst. I think the old school mentality is getting harder and harder to keep alive and it has affected the way the business runs nowadays. I think the fact that sex always sells more means the stronger part of wrestling will be the part us female wrestlers don’t want any part of and will always have to compete with. It is a hard challenge because you want people to see you for your talent, hard work and accomplishment’s. and though many do, there are still tons that just see you in a sexy way no matter what you do, how much you bleed or what great accolades you have. To many, you are still “just a woman” not an athlete.

Q: What are some of your long term goals?
I ultimately would love to continue recruiting more hellions around the world to keep up the “fight”, launch myself into traveling more and more, winning more titles and seeing more of the world through wrestling.

The Great Cheyenne truly lives up to her reputation as being GREAT; she is a certified bad ass that has a whole arsenal of moves at her disposal at any given time. She is the best wrestler out there as of now. A suggestion for an exhibition match would be her vs. Natalya Neidhart. But because Natayla is bound by contract that may not happen time will tell. But as of now The Great Cheyenne truly represents this sport well. Check her out her official pages