Taylor Swift the Latest Victim In Leaked “Nude” Photo!!!

The 21-year-old songstress is known for her infectious songwriting and her vast fan base of all age groups, but is also known for her reputation–for her ladylike image and adequacy. But somehow the 21-year-old has gotten herself tangled in the “celebrity-nude-photo-web”.

According to TMZ, Swift has summon her lawyers to take on a tabloid site called Celeb Jihad, who has published what seems to be a “leaked” topless photo of the her. Both Taylor and her attorney has issued a statement saying that the signer has been “wrongly identified” and if Celeb Jihad fails to comply, they will be sued for trademark infringement if the photo is not taken down.

Celeb Jihad has yet to remove the photo, instead they added a news item with the photo stating that Swift is furious and “waging war” against them. TMZ added that Swifts resp had no comment on the matter.

Here is the link to the photo in question:


Stay tuned for updates!

Crys 😉


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