True Or False: Did Kanye West Claim Kim Kardashian By Putting A earRING On It?!?!

Somebody please get the Pepto because, these two are about to make the whole of America throw the BUCK up!!!

Beyonce said “put a ring on it” but, leave it to Kim K. to put her own twist to it. According to TMZ, “Kim arrived at LAX this weekend sporting 2 yellow gold and diamond earrings in each one of her ears — a K and a W — which obviously stand for Kanye West.”

As we reported, the two have ONLY been dating for about two weeks now. Just a few days ago the two hooked up in NYC where, Yeezy also got to meet the Kardashian clan.

Is it me or does this relationship seem as FAKE as (no disrespect) Nicki Minaj’s a$$ shots?? **side eye**

Talk about being heavy in the recycling program… Hey I’m just saying!



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