True Or False: Did Vogue HBIC Anna Wintour BAN Kim Kardashian From The MET Gala?!?!

If you are wondering why Kim Kardashian wasn’t at the MET Gala, which is like the Oscars of the Fashion World, the rumor mill is swirling with reports that she was banned by Vogue HBIC Anna Wintour. According to a Radar Online source, Anna Wintour wasn’t up for the Kardashian spectacle:

“Why would she be invited to the event? It is all the biggest stars in the world and Kim doesn’t fit that bill at all,” said the source. “The Met Gala is $25,000 a ticket, but Kim can’t even buy her way in, Anna Wintour does NOT want her there!”

Kim and her camp will deny that she wasn’t invited by saying that she had business in L.A., but that is a lie. She would of done anything to be there with all the A-listers.

The source also claims that Anna Wintour, would never put Kim on a Vogue cover:

Anna Wintour would allow Kim Kardashian on the cover of Vogue over her dead body. As long as Anna in charge you will NOT see Kim on Vogue.

Which makes sense! Kim Kardashian, who is an avid vintage Vogue collector, surprisingly has covered every fashion magazine in the US and has snagged a few international covers as well but has not once had a feature in American Vogue. Back in 2009, her mom Kris tweeted, ‘LONG day with @KimKardashian photo shoot for VOGUE!!! SOOO exciting! September issue and launch of my new line for QVC! #MYDREAMCOMETRUE‘ but nothing really ever came of it. This also explains why Kim hasn’t been in attendance at any of the MET Galas in the past.

Dyyyuuummm!!! Even Rick Ross the Boss was invited… SMH! Kim your 15secs of fame are slowly but surely coming to an end.

TWO THUMBS UP to Ms. Anna Wintour!



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